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Hello and welcome!

Since I was a child, I had a passion for creating. I loved brainstorming, designing, creating, and of course, enjoying an end product. I was formally trained in video production and marketing, and I have a passion for photography and art. My formal training mixed with my passions is why I created Rebecca Elias Media, LLC. I wanted to share my love of creativity with the world and in turn, provide people with a product they would love for years to come.


I have worked full-time in video production for over a decade, helping small and large businesses show off their incredible work. I currently am the Manager of Video Production for Penn Medicine, the largest private employer in the city of Philadelphia. 


While producing videos for my employers, there was a large need for still photos; this is when my passion became a business. I started taking still photos on the job and one by one started gaining clients for my freelance business. I now take hundreds of photos a year, helping families and businesses capture their most important moments. 


In my spare time, I photograph nature and create acrylic art. Although the digital world is where most of my products live, it is special to see something digital become tangible. If I can make someone smile or be in awe of something I created, it is a happy day for me. 


Whether you are a small business looking for marketing materials, a family looking to capture memories, or just looking for some cool prints or paintings, I'd love to chat and help figure out what's best for you! 

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